Eritrean delegation arrived to a warm welcome and all smiles in Addis Ababa

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Today, Eritrea’s top delegation arrived to a very warm welcome in Addis Ababa – marking a new chapter in relation between the two nations. This is the first visit since the start of the conflict twenty years ago. Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s new prime minister, received the Eritrean delegation with great welcome and everyone was all smiles.

Following Ethiopia’s decision to fully accept and unconditionally implement the international border ruling, responding to the positive move, Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki announced Eritrea would send a delegation to Addis Ababa.
Although, Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s new prime minister, has faced a strong resistance from the TPLF and an assassination attempt, the massive popular support and international backing, seem to have helped him in gaining the upper hand in the power dynamics in the country.

The TPLF’s strategic mistakes have caused so much damage to Ethiopia and the region at large that will take long time to redress. However, the newly founded relations between the two countries, is a huge step for peace and development of the both countries and the region. Today’s historic visit lays the foundations of the bright future for the Peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia.


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