Eritrean delegation travelled to Hawassa, 273 km from Addis Ababa

Serawr Information Centre

Eritrea’s high delegation travelled to Hawassa, a city  located 273 km south of Addis Ababa on the second day of its visit. The delegation visited development projects.

The Commissioner of Ethiopia’s Investment Commission, Belachew Mekuria described the visit affectionately on his tweet :

“Off to Hawassa Industrial Park with our distinguished Eritrean guests excellencies Osman Saleh and Yemane Gebreab together with senior Ethiopian Ministers. What a day to remember!”

The Commissioner also stated that Minster Osman Saleh was impressed with Hawassa Industrial Park  describing it as “a great example of growth for Africa”. The Commissioner also reported the delegation was treated to “a colorful lunch”  by the regional government.

Economic activities between Eritrea and Ethiopia were completely halted two decades ago that resulted in enormous economic opportunities.

Despite Ethiopia’s reported “two digits” economic growth over many years, the country is facing huge economic challenges, which the new prim minster, Abiy Ahmed, has addressed in his speeches.

Therefore economic cooperation of the two countries is likely to be one of the key areas that both governments would be looking to advance in their relationship.


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