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Eritrean “regime change” campaigners gathered in Brussels, to regroup and lobby the European Union

Serawr Information Centre 19 December, 2018

Having been swept away by the massive changes that followed the end of the twenty seven-year rule of the TPLF regime in Ethiopia, the Eritrean “regime change” campaigners gathered in Brussels, Belgium, to regroup and lobby the European Union “ to end support” for the Eritrean government.

The EastAfrican online published a report based on the statement that was issued by the delegates following their conference that was held from 12 to 14 of December 2018.

According to the report “A prominent Eritrea human rights defender and Noble Prize nominee, Mr Mussie Zerai, appealed to EU to stop providing political support and finance to regimes in northern and eastern Africa, which were colluding with human traffickers.”

The irony is the very man,  Mr Mussie Zerai, who is accusing the Eritrean government of “colluding with human traffickers” has been under investigation by the Italian prosecutor’s office  “over allegations of aiding and abetting illegal immigration” according to the BBC report published last year.

Moreover, last September an Italian newspaper named Laverita published that before Mr Mussie Zerai, became a priest  for the Catholic Church, he was charged and sentenced to serve two years in prison and ordered to pay two million lira for selling 2.2 kilos of drugs in 1994. The newspaper gave the details of his file as number 6939 of 1994 at the Investigation Court Office 7307/94.

Returning to the main issue at hand, the positive wind of change that is blowing across the Horn of Africa, has made these groups redundant. The bumper harvest, when these groups were given funds and support from governments that pursued regime change in Eritrea, is over.

The world powers are competing for their own economic and geopolitical advantages in the region. The western powers that not long ago demonized Eritrea as a country that destabilize the region, now recognize the key leadership role Eritrea can play in the stabilisation and economic development of the region.

These groups know well that Eritrea does not seek charity or political support from the EU or any world body. What Eritrea seeks is partnership and cooperation for mutual benefit.

Eritrea is a country with small population and unique history, which has been sentenced to death by the most powerful entities in the world. No stone was left unturned for the collapse of the country. In fact, Eritrea  was written off as a country that would inevitably collapse by these groups and their backers.

The enormous challenges including military invasions, sanctions, political and economic pressures, have affected Eritrean people greatly. The ugly war that was waged on Eritrea  required a rule of engagement fit for the challenge. Eritrea has come out of the trying times that put its very existence into question as a formidable nation and with its principles intact.

With the emerging peace, Eritrea will be able to refocus its effort and resources towards improving the living stand of its people and building a strong and viable political and economic system.

Here, let it be clear to these groups whose time has passed, no amount of repositioning or false narrative that they now bring, or the conferences they organise, could turn back time.

However, for the well-meaning friends, rest assured that Eritrea will  build a strong, organized system that will protect the rights of its people, that can withstand and adapt to future domestic, regional and global challenges.



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