Martin Plaut spreads a rumour to cause panick on Eritrean independence celebration and then attempts to wash off his dirty hands

31 May, 2018, Serawr Information Centre

The BBC journalist, Martin Plaut’s excessive obsession with Eritrea is continuing unabated on the media and lobbying fronts and through his direct role with anti-Eritrea elements.

On the 16 May, 2018, Martin Plaut spread a rumour through his twitter account stating that “President Issias is said to have left for Abi Dhabi in a very poor health. Sources in Asmara said he was escorted by Dr. Haile Muhtsin and Dr. Yemane, but this information has yet to be confirmed”.

When Martin Plaut’s ill-wish on Eritrean President turned out to be false, instead of owing up to his mistake, he twitted pointing his fingers at others – ignoring his major role in the network of spreading false rumours on Eritrea.

Martin wrote:  “President Isaias pops up to deliver independence speech. So apparently not ill. The pattern of spreading rumours about his state of health, and then appearing, repeated once again.”

This man has been caught lying and misinforming about Eritrea on many occasions. Using his position at the BBC, he manufactured stories including on major Eritrea-Ethiopia border issue.

The above arrogant statement demonstrates how shameless he is. He pretends to have no role in spreading the rumour. When it comes to Eritrea, he has no credibility. However, the fact is, as a journalist with much reach, he actually plays a bigger role than his dubious sources in the network of  misinformation on Eritrea.

It is clear that the intention of Martin and the elements behind him, was to cause panic few days before the independence day. Martin was aware of the many previous false rumours, why couldn’t he wait until the independence day?

The powers that have pursued “a regime change in Eritrea” through whatever means, have come to accept the failure of their project. But Martin is sticking to the same path of self-destruction, he even found himself in the USA lobbying against the improving relations between Eritrea and the USA recently.

Despite acting as guardian angel for the Eritrean people, as Martin has demonstrated through his own words on many occasions, it is Eritrea’s  ideals and values of self-reliance and not surrendering to wills and interests of powers where his problem lies.

President Issaias Afwerki is surely the embodiment of these ideals. No wonder the enemies of Eritrea have made him one of the prime targets in their strategy of advancing their own interest. Like all human beings President Isaias is mortal, but his ideals and achievements are immortal.

Martin spends much of his time with dodgy Eritreans, who sell themselves to the highest bidder. Therefore, he may not have much of an awareness about the millions of Eritreans who are determined to continue with the ideals and struggle of building a strong nation that advances its own interest. Eritrean people did not sacrifice so much to have a nation that is subservient to foreign interests.


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