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ሰራውር ናይ ሓበሬታ ማእከል 06 ታሕሳስ 2018           ኤርትራን ኣመሪካን ርክበን ንምምሕያሽ ዘለወን ቅርቡነትን ኣብ ዝተኻየደ ርክብ ፕረዚደንት ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ ምስ ኣብ ሚኒስትሪ ጉዳያት ወጻኢ ኣመሪካ ተሓጋጋዚ ጉዳያት ኣፍሪቃ ኣቶ ቲቦር ናዢ ገሊጸን። እዚ እንዳማዕበለ ክኸይድ ዝጸነሐ ርክብ ናይ ክልቱኤን ኣገራት ንምምሕያሹ ቀንዲ ዓንቀፍቲ ኮይኖም ዝጸንሑ ኣብ ምእላይ እቲ ዝዓበየ ስራሕ […]Continue Reading
Serawr Information Centre 08 September 2018 The face of the Horn of Africa region is changing fast. Another joint cooperation agreement has been signed among the key three states of the region- Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. In a matter of a few hours, the high-level joint committee that was formed to coordinate efforts, visited Djibouti […]Continue Reading
Serawr Information Centre 07 July 2018 In the past few weeks, the fast improving relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia, has received large international  media coverage. Ethiopia, under the new prim minster, Abiy Ahmed, decided to fully accept and implement the Ethio-Eritrea boundary commission, to which Eritrea responded positively by sending the fist ever delegation Continue Reading
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The United States is encouraged by the progress that Ethiopia and Eritrea have made to resolve longstanding disputes and normalize relations.  Over the past 20 years, the frozen conflict between these states has hindered stability and economic growth in the vital Red Sea region.  A durable peace will yield greater prosperity and security not only […]Continue Reading