The  TPLF releases statement reversing and undermining the EPRDF and the new prim minster, Abiy Ahmed, decision to fully accept and implement the Algiers agreement.

08 June 2018

Serawr Information and Research Centre


After the EPRDF, Ethiopia’s governing coalition party, released a statement that received a worldwide media coverage stating  Ethiopia would “fully accept and implement” the Algiers agreement, the  Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has just  released a statement that completely reverses and undermines the previous  statement. The TPLF states that it will accept “to resolve the Ethio-Eritrea issues once for all if the government in Eritrea is willing to discuss the Algiers agreement as a package.” 

Either rewriting, or misinterpreting the EPRDF statement, the TPLF stated the discussion must be on all issues and not be limited to border issue alone. It also stated that the TPLF will not compromise the interest of Tigray people and will not be a partner to any agreement that hurt its interest. The TPLF has also organised protest opposing the EPRDF statement around the border area.

On Wednesday Ethiopia’s  new prim minister,  Abiy  Ahmed, delivered a moving speech on the damage the problem has  caused for both countries, and the benefits that could be gained by fully accepting and implementing the 2002 agreement. 

TPLF’s decision to undermine the positive step that has been taken by the EPRDF and the new prim minster, brings a major problem to the surface. The TPLF has dominated every aspect of power including political, economic, military and security for the last 27 years and has yet to come to terms to the demands of the Ethiopian people. 

The EPRDF decision was considered as a positive move receiving worldwide coverage as it was thought to have removed the conditions that were put by the Ethiopian government previously. Although much of the world coverage did not put the power dynamics in Ethiopia into consideration, Serawr Information Centred had warned on the destructive role of  the TPLF that could derail the positive move by the new prim minster Abiy  Ahmed and EPRDF. However, no one expected the destructive attempt to force a U-turn on the positive move that has been welcomed widely to come this early.

Click here for the full statment of the TPLF

“ህወሓት የትግራይን ህዝብ ጥቅም በሚያሳጡ ጉዳዮች ላይ እጁን እንደማያስገባ በድጋሚ ማረጋገጥ ይፈልጋልም ነው ያሇው።


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