The TPLF Counterfeits the Eritrean Currency

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The Eritrean economy has been one of the main targets of the attacks of the TPLF and its handlers. The Eritrean currency, Nakfa, has been a subject of the overt and covert attacks. 

 The TPLF counterfeited Eritrean currency with the aim of weakening the currency, and preventing the remittance from Eritreans living abroad, getting to Eritrea as a hard currency some years ago. The Eritrean government took action restoring the value and order of the currency.

According to a credible information, the TPLF has been engaging in counterfeiting tens of millions the Eritrean currency in the past one month. While the vast amount of the fake money is still in Ethiopia, the TPLF has started slipping into Eritrea through all Eritrean borders. 

It has also been revealed that there are Eritreans, who have been cooperating with this evil scheme. Some of these include Eriteans on the pay role of the TPLF‘s, who call themselves opposition and some just for personal gains.

The TPLF is losing its grip on the Ethiopia faster than expected. It is a high time for all Eritrean patriots to expose the TPLF‘s schemes at every opportunity. 

The concerned citizen residing in the Sudan, urged.


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