Two Top TPLF Officials Enter Europe for Money Laundering

Two Top TPLF Officials Enter Europe for Money Laundering

The TPLF plunged in a great turmoil and worry as the process of holding it accountable  for the atrocities it committed on the Ethiopian people and the billions of capital it stole, gets closer slowly. The negative role the TPLF has been playing behind the  scenes in the current problems that Ethiopia faces, has also been established.

The current and most pressing issue for the TPLF is the billions of capital that it stole from the country. The TPLF is trying to solve this problem through money laundering in Europe.

Two top TPLF officials named Tedros Hagos and Aleka Tsegay, are now in Europe for this purpose. These persons are top officials of the largest TPLF’s business empire named EFFORT that has  capital of tens of billions.

These officials are aiming to clean up TPLF’s illicit funds using European banks paying whatever it takes. The movements of the two officials is being carefully kept away from Ethiopians and Africans. Their engagement is only limited with white persons. They have already employed legal experts for the purpose.

Moreover, they are using ordinary passport fearing diplomatic passport would draw attention. The information was gained from a reliable Ethiopian in Addis Ababa. The billions of capital that belongs to the Ethiopian people, must not be allowed to escape and every one must play their role in catching and exposing these thieves.



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